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The Yard began life back in 2015 as an independent cafe, selling everything from full English breakfasts to homemade cakes and baked goods, pasta dishes and of course pizzas.  The diversity of our menu was causing us a problem.  Business was good but with our pizza trade growing on a monthly basis, we decided to concentrate on one thing; awesome pizza.  We took a big chance and ordered our own build to order oven from an incredible artisan manufacture in Naples.  We set about our mini refurbishment and re opened in May of 2016 as The Yard; Neapolitan Pizzeria.


We now have a simple menu which we execute with precision.  Sticking to the core rules proposed by the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletanain producing authentic Neapolitan pizza:


Dough made with tender wheat flour, yeast and sea salt, dough always mixed at a low speed and dough balls made by hand.


San marzano tomatoes for the base, which are a heritage plum variety grown on the nutrient rich volcanic plains to the south of Mount Vesuvius, naturally sweet and bursting with flavour.


Fior di latte mozzarella which is much lower in calories and saturated fat than cheddar but still satisfyingly elastic, totally delicious and of course extra virgin olive oil. 


It's then cooked in our wood fired stone based oven.


Yes there are easier ways to make pizza and there are most certainly less expensive ways but this tradition has stood the test of time because we believe it creates the very best product on the market.


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